Profil Pimpinan

Lolok Sujatmiko

Independent Commissioner

He is an Indonesian, 54 years old. He graduated from the Commercial Shipping Management Program in 1988 at the Indonesian Maritime Academy and pursued his studies at the California Maritime Academy in Vallejo, California, United States of America, in the Sea Transportation field in 1990, and completed his Nautica field in 1996.

He also graduated his studies at the College KU Economics, Jakarta, in the field of sea transportation in 2001.

He has become an Independent Commissioner of the Company since June 2021. Besides becoming an Independent Commissioner of the Company, he also became president director of PT Bhineka Eka Karya since 2007 and President Director of PT Niaga Sapta Samudra since 2005. Then, he became an Operational Head at PT Gesuri Lloyd (1997 – 2005).

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