Full service of ship Management

We have an Experienced Team dedicated to understanding the needs and management of the Vessel.
Our client demand top-notch services within competitive fare

Sea Transport Services

  • Transhipment Facility
  • Barge loading activities
  • Grab, Trimming, and Support Equipment
  • Ship cargo transportation to Vessel

Logistics Services

  • Providing pick-up and loading facilities on vessels.
  • Providing transportation, pick-up, and loading facilities on vessels.
  • Logistics services specifically for Vessels and sea loading activities.

Our Services


We serve shipping services for coal, sand, ore, split rock, limestone, and FABA waste to all Indonesian sea territory.


We serve the needs of ships/barges and handle in / out vessel clearance that will depart the port.


We experienced the ship-to-ship transfer operation of cargo in the sea to fulfill the supply, especially coal from barges to large ships (mother vessels).

Distributors & Bunkering Agents

PT. BSML offers vessel bunkering and ship services for industry in Indonesia using vessels and barges fleet.